Ambler House

A live-work requirement, modest budget, challenging residential site and beautiful views, sculpted this home for a couple who tag-team running a company and raising their two young children.

Through a careful analysis of the site , local Bylaws, and an understanding of possible future growth in the neighbourhood (which included a 3D model of a hypothetical neighbour), the Ambler House was designed to capture unobstructed views toward the mountains and Kootenay Lake in perpetuity. With a modest budget, conventional and affordable construction techniques (including ICF foundations, prefabricated roof trusses and standardized windows) are adapted to create a custom home which balances view and privacy, solids and voids, dark and light. The Ambler House is about ‘moments’ of contemporary, custom design, embedded within a more conventional and affordable structure.

Ambler House photos: Chris Schmidt

Location: Nelson, B.C.
Client/Owner: Private
Team: SOA (Architect), Renaissance Construction (Builder)
Year: 2015
Status: Built