Argenta Cabin

Argenta Cabin Photos: Chris Schmid

A Kootenay spin on Corbusier’s modernist villa, Villa Savoye, this cabin raises the living space of the cabin above a two car garage using ‘piloti’ - thin structural posts that elevate the main floor of the cabin to provide views over tall trees and dense forest toward Kootenay Lake and snow capped mountains beyond.

During a pre-design visit to the site, a bear-mauled barbecue provided the kernel of inspiration for the cabin’s conceptual design. As a rural, seasonal home for remote Owners, the notion of a ‘robust’ and ‘secure’ structure was critical to the design of this cabin. In the winter, the building was designed to literally ‘close up’ for the season - entering a period of sheltered hibernation until the Owners return the following spring.

Location: Argenta, BC
Client/Owner: Private
Team: SOA (Architect), MacLeod Nine (Structural), Owner (builder).
Year: 2015
Status: Built