Osprey House

Perched upon a forested rocky hillside, the Osprey House soars above the ground, providing elevated views from its main floor living space while sheltering a walk-out basement suite below.

The architectural form of the Osprey House is a response to:
1) The site, sunlight, slope, views, rocky outcroppings and three majestic pine trees,
2) A multi-generational living arrangement, and
3) The Owner’s aspiration for strong vernacular forms with contemporary detailing.

On the south-west elevation, facing a public road, the home is an understated single storey structure. Entirely clad in black, it quietly hides from view as a shadow in the landscape. On the opposite side however, facing a sweeping vista to the north, the home opens its wings and takes to the air. This architectural oscillation between the public and private spheres of the house - between its closed and understated façade and its spaciously vaulted façade - was playfully dubbed by the Owner as a “hide-and-seek house” that is conscientiously the opposite of a “show-and-tell house”.


Location: Nelson, BC
Client/Owner: Private
Team: SOA (Architect), 9 Dot Engineering (Structural), Pacific West Builders (General Contractor)
Status: Construction, summer 2021.