PoPuP pLaZa

PoPuP pLaZa temporarily transforms an unremarkable urban space into an inviting and inspiring node of activity. It is a large scale urban furniture proposal that is designed for ease of assembly and dis-assembly. PoPuP is not a bricks-and-mortar plaza, rather it is a leave-no-trace mini-infrastructure.

Through colour, texture and scale, PopUp Plaza distinguishes itself as a special place amidst a ubiquitous concrete soup of sidewalks, thoroughfares and overpasses. As an urban stage, the plaza invites participation and performance. A rotating roster of food trucks keeps the mood festive through day and night. The ‘PopUp Box’ provides bar-style standup eating, pull out benches for a variety of seating arrangements, and a safe place to secure a bike.

PoPuP pLaZa is ‘Green’:
(i) Pine Beetle Lumber comes from lodgepole pine trees killed by mountain pine beetle. Removing these trees from forests is key to wildfire management in BC. Pine Beetle Lumber is a sustainable choice because living trees are not removed from our forests and Provincial law requires that areas cleared of pine beetle timber be replanted with ecologically suitable, native species. (ii) Solar Technologies: The ‘PopUp Box’ showcases readily available solar technologies to illuminate perforated plywood panels at night and to supply power for impromptu performances. (iii) Bicycles: By providing a safe a secure place to lock a bike, the plaza ties into the public transportation system and encourages healthy commuting.

Year: 2014
Status: Competition (ParkIt, Surrey, BC)