Matthew Stanley. Architect AIBC, LEED ap Owner and Principal Architect of S.O.A

S.O.A is a full service architectural studio specializing in residential, commercial and cultural design. S.O.A projects are responsive to client directives and their budget while being ecologically responsible and aspiring toward beauty through built form.

S.O.A is multi-faceted and versatile, working with a variety of Clients (including homeowners, small entrepreneurs, large corporations and municipalities), building scales and budgets. From the smallest projects to the largest, S.O.A‘s commitment to detail ensures a successful project for every client.

S.O.A takes pride in guiding every Client through the phases of their project while fostering an open Client-Architect dialogue. From concept design, building permits, and bid processes, to the latter stages of contract management and post construction occupancy, rigorous effort is made to ensure that our Clients’ dreams become a built reality.

Matthew Stanley, Owner and Principal Architect of S.O.A, graduated from McGill University (1999) with a bachelor’s degree in commerce and from the University of Calgary with a Masters in Architecture (2003). Joining the Marc Boutin Architectural Collaborative in 2003, Matthew was lead designer and Project Architect for several critically applauded projects; including TAG Advertising (Prairie Design Award of Excellence, 2005). While living in Barcelona (2009), Matthew joined Ariolla & Fiol Arquitectes and MAB Arquitectura, two of Spain’s highly celebrated offices, producing projects that are worthy of the global attention they receive. Moving to Canada’s west coast in 2010, Matthew acted as consulting Architect for Franc d’Ambrosio on some of DAU’s most celebrated residential projects, including the FirTree House (BLVD magazine, July 2014) and the Queenswood Residence. Living in the Kootenays since 2014, S.O.A has been delivering the highest quality architectural design and services to residential, commercial, cultural and municipal clients in the region.