ShoreAcres Net Zero Duplex

Buildings are the single largest consumer of energy in our country. The toll they take on our environment is astounding. A ‘Net Zero’ building however, does things differently - it produces as much renewable energy as it consumes every year. A ‘Net Zero’ building is about balance. It is about health and wellbeing for for its occupants, our communities and our planet.

This project is the first CHBA certified Net Zero building in the Kootenay region. The form and aesthetic of the ShoreAcres Net Zero duplex - its yin yang of solid and void, light and dark - finds balance between two seemingly opposite design criteria: the constrictive requirements of a high performance building envelope and the desire for expansive interior spaces with wide-open views toward the Kootenay River. The undulating roof line maximizes year-round sun exposure for two south facing solar arrays, while alluding to the jagged peaks of distant mountain ranges.

Photography: Bobbi Barbarich

Location: ShoreAcres, BC
Team: SOA (Architect), Morley Mountain Homes (Owner, Builder, Interior Design), 3West Building Energy Consultants Inc. (Energy Advisor), Effistruc (Structural), Oso Renewable Energy (Solar design and supply)
Year: 2019
Status: Built (Phase 1)