Trail Regional Airport

Trail Airport photos: Chris Schmid

The Trail Airport Terminal Building is an example of successful, responsible infrastructure in rural areas. This 4,500 square foot airport terminal building pushes the envelope of pre engineered steel structures to re-envision small scale regional airports. The result is an attractive architectural landmark that is economical in design, materials and budget.

Through close collaboration with Pacific Apex Steel Structures, SOA selectively modified a standard pre-engineered steel building to deliver a custom solution that responds to the City’s program and restrictive budget. Meanwhile, the poetics of movement and air travel are fundamental to the architectural expression of the building. Its exterior form suggests the shape of an airplane’s wing. Its restrained colour palette inspired by our upper atmosphere - blue skies, white and grey clouds, black night.

From concept to construction, SOA coordinated a team of professional consultants to bring the building to its operational status. The team included civil, structural, mechanical, electrical, life safety and landscape consultants.

Location: Trail, BC
Client/Owner: City of Trail
Team: SOA (Architect), WSP (Project Management), Pacific Apex (Steel Building), Redwood Engineering (Structural), True Consulting (Civil), Rocky Point Engineering (Mechanical), Ready Engineering (Electrical), WSP (Landscape), Hil-Tech (General Contractor).
Year: 2016 to 2018
Status: Built