Upper Residence

This 4000 square foot, waterfront home is designed to capture impressive views toward Kootenay lake. Three roof lines define the various zones and wings of the house, while large sliding glass walls open onto decks, gardens and beach.

Owning a nearby sawmill which manufactures Western Red Cedar, the Client desired a home that features and celebrates wood. Wood is used throughout the house, both as a primary structural element (in the form of repeating exposed glulams) and as a finishing material (interior and exterior finishes).

Careful attention to structural detailing permits large sliding glass walls to meet the underside of the exposed glulam roof. Despite the roof’s duty to provide structure and shelter, it is expressed with a light touch, and at times appears to float above the home.

Location: Nelson, BC
Client/Owner: Private
Team: SOA (Architect), 9 Dot Engineering (Structural), Pacific West Builders (General Contractor)
Status: Construction